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Each year of talkline service Exhale has completed a talkline call report detailing the use of our cornerstone program.  Now that Exhale has a private online community, we expanded our reporting and now include information about the use of all of our direct services in an annual Services Report. (more…)


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Volunteers  share their reflections on the 5th Anniversary of Exhale’s expansion:

Jennifer Rudy, Board President:

As the board president of Exhale I am honored to be part of an organization that has grown its program to create a social climate where each person’s unique experience with abortion is supported, respected and free of stigma.  Five years ago, I remember the clarity we felt in the demand for expanding our talkline.  I recall the board and staff’s excitement that our volunteers were now going to meet the post-abortion needs of women and men from all over the country.  Today, I feel joyful about all the benchmarks Exhale has reached since its national expansion, including:

  • Our talkline call volume grew 835% and we received more than 23,000 calls.
  • We responded to our caller’s needs by launching a first-of-its-kind private online community space for our callers to connect with one another.
  • Our volunteer program has trained 104 women and men to serve as counselors on our talkline and as moderators for the online community; 35% of our volunteers are bilingual and the majority (55%) are people of color.
  • Earned an award for “Excellence in Nonprofit Volunteer Management” from the Bay Area’s Volunteer Center.

I am proud to have served as Board President of Exhale over the last five-years. Five-years from now I imagine an organization that will have grown its programs in the conscious way it always does to promote the wellbeing of thousands post-abortion each year.  I envision a deep and powerful online network where our callers are connecting and sharing their personal experiences.  I foresee more opportunities for our organization to share what we’ve learned from years of listening. (more…)

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